FAQ: How often should I check my TSH Levels?

Question: My blood test was about a month ago and I finally got my TSH results.  They were a bit high.  My doctor wants to put me on medication and started me out with a pretty high dosage.  He wants me to come back in two months to have my TSH levels re-checked so that he can adjust my dosage.  Two months seems pretty long to be on a medication that may not be the right dosage!  How often should I check my TSH levels?

Answer: While I am tempted to say that you should trust your doctor, I am also aware that you should trust your gut and be safe now rather than sorry later.  It’s your body and thyroid medications are nothing to play around with.

Tell your doctor that you are uncomfortable with the two month “readjustment” time-frame.  Although it may cost you extra, tell him that you would rather only go a couple of weeks to a month for your first follow-up blood test.  Then, you might want the second follow-up TSH levels check about a month after that.  At that point, your doctor should have a good idea of what dosage is going to be right for you.

7 Responses to FAQ: How often should I check my TSH Levels?

  1. Chris

    I have been on Thyroid Meds over 10 years….it takes 6 weeks for a new dosage of thyroid meds to change the blood levels. That’s why they are waiting 2 months. Two weeks is not enough time to note a change. After 2 months they will decide if it is a strong enough dose or if they need to increase it. Thyroid meds cannot be started at a high dose, they need to be gradually increased until they are therapeutic.

  2. Franklin Bermeo

    My TSH level is hight.. but my T 3 and T4 are in the normal range… what it means…

    • connie

      I have the same problem.

    • Paula

      I just found out yesterday that I have the same situation. My T4 and T3 are normal but my TSH is high at 16.9. Have you found out anything about this type of situation?

  3. Charles Monroe

    My recent TSH level was found to be 23. I am 6 ft. tall and now weigh 168 lbs. The same as I did 40 years ago. My sex drive is great. I feel fine and have plenty of energy. Most of my hair is still on my head. I sleep like a log. There is no sign of a goiter. Why is my TSH level 23?

  4. Thyroid Guy

    My TSH came too high at 85 but after starting on thyroxine it went down gradually to 3.5 I must admit I feel a lot better but still no where close to where I used to be when my thyroid was normal :(

  5. Julia Warnes

    Hi – I’m sure you have these questions all the time but I still can’t interpret my results!

    3 years ago my T4 was 18.4 and TSH 1.47
    today it is 14.00 and 0.94

    Now it’s obviously changed but I don’t whether it’s still “normal”. Dr says nothing wrong with me and dismisses all my symptoms including genetic and I am getting really upset about it. For the last three years I have had night sweats, palpitations, mood swings, have to have the heating on all year, joint pain, my skin is dried out like paper and I have put on two stone. After trying numerous calorie controlled diets and also starving my self for a week whilst I had flu, absolutely cannot shift one ounce of that. All I get from the GP is move around more.
    Any advice that you could offer on those test results would be really helpful – thank you very much