FAQ: What does Vitamin D have to do with my TSH Levels?

Question:  A friend of mine told me to look into how vitamin D plays a role in my TSH levels.  She said something about how vitamin D is actually a hormone or something like that.  She is super smart, but I totally do not understand what she is talking about.  What do you think about vitamin D?  Does it have anything to do with my high TSH levels?

Answer:  There is some new (or should I say “newly re-discovered”) information that validates some of this information.  Try as they might, doctors (even the highly specialized) do NOT know everything about how the human body works.

There is a good article by Theodore C. Friedman, M.D., Ph.D., which talks about how vitamin D deficiency and hypothyroidism are related. He refers to several studies performed over 20 years ago which point to this fact. It’s actually very interesting stuff.

I have always been one to point out that humans NEED sunshine. In moderation, sunlight makes us happy, healthy, and warm. As an additional bonus, it allows our bodies to naturally produce vitamin D.

Vitamin D is essential to health. More than a few diseases can find their roots in vitamin D deficiency. In time, we will surely find more ailments that have roots in our general lack of vitamin D.

I have also been quick to point out that general health should be one’s target, even if normal TSH levels are your primary goal. Every organ in your body works together.  Therefore if one part of your body is unhealthy it can affect the other parts (such as your thyroid).  Vitamin D is essential for overall health in the body.

So, if your TSH levels are outside of the normal range, it wouldn’t hurt to have your vitamin D levels checked.  In the lab, they call this a  25-hydroxyvitamin D test… sometimes called a 25(OH)D.  This is a blood test, so be ready for a needle.

Your numbers should be above 50 ng/ml (125 nmol/L).  If they are not, then you need to get more sun, or supplement with vitamin D3.

If you have the opportunity to get out into the sunlight throughout the day, I highly recommend it.  Yes, yes, I know that many people will scream “skin cancer” at this point, but as time goes on we are finding that vitamin D deficiency may actually be the greater risk.

For those who cannot get a little sunshine every day (or are not willing to take the risk that accompanies sun exposure), I recommend 2,000 IU of D3.  Any good health food store should have a good quality D3 supplement.

5 Responses to FAQ: What does Vitamin D have to do with my TSH Levels?

  1. santoshi reddy

    As per my recent thyroid tests of t3, t4, tsh, my tsh level was more compared to the normal range,Is this the indication of hyperthyroidism? How does it impact my health? Usually I get neck catches often, is that a symptom of thyroid?, earliar i had thyroid at very initial stage, when used ‘thyroup’, it reduced to nil.

  2. Bradley Newcomer

    Recently had TSH level come back at 9.2. I started taking a Vitamin D supplement about 90 days ago which was 5000 i.u with resveratol. Could this have caused the TSH high level? Thanks,

    • Cheryl smith

      My son has tsh levels of 9.86 after being on the highest dose of medicine for two years and taking vitamin d. We cannot get his level under control with medicine are there any other ways of getting the tsh levels down?

  3. Mahesh


    My TSH 7.57 I am taking thyrox (25) everyday. Can i know how it will take time to recover ? is it very dangerous ? Please explain in detail. Tell me some diet food on it.

  4. Kathy

    I just had my Thyroid removed because of Thyroid cancer. What should all my reading be and how to I understand what they are?