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FAQ: Is it dangerous for my TSH levels to be so low?

Question: My TSH levels seem extremely low to me.  It’s 0.24 mIU/L.  I am completely freaked out right now!  Is it dangerous for my my TSH levels to be so low? Answer: Although hyperthyroidism is less common than hypothyroidism, you are not alone in your condition.  The symptoms of hypothyroidism usually are not as bad … Continue reading

FAQ: How long does it take to get TSH levels back to normal?

Question: If I am on medication for my thyroid, how long do you think it will take to get my TSH levels back to normal? Answer: Since you didn’t offer much information, such as whether your TSH levels are high or low, I can only speculate on the answer.  Also, having no idea on what … Continue reading

FAQ: What are “normal” TSH levels?

Question: I just got back my TSH results from some blood work that I had done with my family doctor.  He said that my TSH levels look “normal”, but I don’t really know how to interpret this stuff.  He is not a specialist, so I don’t know if I should trust him or not.  What … Continue reading

FAQ: How long does it take for a medication such as Tapazole to change my TSH levels?

Question: I am currently taking a low dosage of Tapazole (about 10 mg) for hyperthyroidism.  I was wondering how long it takes for medication to “kick in”, so to speak, and start raising my TSH levels back to normal? Answer: This is probably something that your own doctor or endocrinologist could probably answer, but I … Continue reading

TSH Levels – What Your TSH Levels Mean in a Nutshell

Some people may have heard about Thyroid Stimulating Hormone (TSH) levels , and how they work in your body. But there is a lot of mistaken information about TSH levels, thyroid problems, and how important TSH levels and your thyroid actually are to your overall health and bodily functions. And if you’ve ever done any research … Continue reading